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CHENS Maritime Operational Concept (MOC) - August 13, 2010
How can the navies contribute to maritime safety inthe Arctic? (2014)
CHENS-How-to-reconnect-our-nations-with-their-navies 2013
A vision for the future role of European maritime forces (ENV 2025) - 2005
Generic European maritime concept of operations (GEMCO) - 2003
Maritime dimension of European joint operations (MDEJO) - 2002
Comparison of the US New Maritime Strategy and the CHENS documents – 2008
Maritime Security Best Practice Guidelines - 2008
Developing a European interagency strategy for maritime security operations (MSO Strategy) - 2007
Naval utility countering asymmetric threats (NUCAT) - 2004
Adding value to Maritime Capacity Building (MCB) - A CHENS approach, August 13, 2010